Professional Behavior With Learners And The Interprofessional Care Team Essay

Professional Behavior With Learners And The Interprofessional Care Team Essay

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Physical resources in client care is effective and make work easier. The vital sign monitor is very efficient and cuts down on time to complete task. Physical resources that help to alleviate DVT or embolism like the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression is very effective. Hydro lift and other mechanical lifts makes it much safer for client and workers alike if used properly. The use of computer is excellent in gathering information and data. If physical resources are used correctly and are properly maintained nurses will be even more efficient in providing care.

103. Demonstrate professional behavior with learners and the interprofessional care team.

I am a professional and as one professionalism is displayed to all workers and students alike. Everyone is treated with respect regardless of their status in the workplace. Members of the interprofessional team are knowledgeable in their area and their contribution to the organization is valuable and it is shown. Learners need to be encouraged and praised. In the role as facilitator I ensure that students are guided so they can refine their skills and are still mindful of clients’ safety. They are spoken to with respect. I am tolerant and accepting of diversity. Empathy is shown to our students.

104. Demonstrate a professional presence and model professional behaviour.

Professionalism shown by nurse improves the working environment. I try to be professional on a daily basis I do this by arriving to work early so that I can settle in and attend to duties on time. I adhere to my schedule for work assignment and break. This assist in smooth transition. When I am attending meetings I make sure I am prepared for them and I am an active participant bringing valid contribution. I follow ...

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...ised that she would be compliant in proper documentation but soon fell short again. I reported this to my supervisor with evidence to back up the complaint.

113d Demonstrate professional conduct by: documenting incidents and actions taken

Whenever an incident occurs the nurse has to access the incident and a report written. At a facility where I worked a client had a fall. I went to access the client for injury and that client was complained of pain in the pelvic area, on a scale of 1-10 the client said it was 10. Client was made “comfortable” on the floor, 911 was called, vitals were taken and the MAR was copied and made ready for the paramedics. Family member (POA) was informed. After resident was taken to the hospital an incident report was written explaining what, when, where, and how the incident happened. The actions taken were the mandate of the facility.

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