Professional Athletes : African American Athletes Essay

Professional Athletes : African American Athletes Essay

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Although some critics believe that professional athletes serve to empower African American youth, the unlikelihood of achieving a career in professional sports sets young black adolescent groups up towards a low instance success trajectory.As a result, the media underrepresents the diverse possibilities and successes of African Americans in other career choices. This is due to many high school athletes placing all of their hope of success in professional sports. As a result, they believe that their best chance at success is within this career field. However, the statistics of achieving these goals demonstrate that it is highly unlikely. In addition, racial inequality affects the likelihood of African American athletes succeeding in professional sports. Furthermore, since many African American athletes focus on extracurricular activities such as sports, they are more unlikely to pay attention to core classes.
Many African American children look at playing professional sports as a ticket out of the harsh environments they may live in. Consequently, African Americans dominate many sports but many still fail to reach their lifelong goals. The following quote demonstrates that young African American athletes dream of making money from playing professional sports and they plan on doing this by placing all their faith in their athleticism . Author Bierman argues that“For many individuals particularly those in the lower socioeconomic class, a career in professional sports is not a wistful illusion but rather represents a life long mission.” This explains is how young african americans develop athletic success as a lifelong dream. Athletics can cause many young african americans can be placed in a position where success is very low....

... middle of paper ... have big dreams and for them to want to pursue those dreams. Bierman Jeffrey argues that,“Another study supports the conclusion that children of higher socioeconomic status change to become reality seekers in the teen years.” This means, that more wealthy students have a higher chance of meeting their lifetime goals than students that are less fortunate. The sad truth is that african american are less likely to achieve their goals thru athletics. Statistics show that an African American male has a higher chance of becoming a doctor then becoming an NFL football player. To make matters worse, many African American professional athletes retire broke. There must be a change in thinking among African American youth. Instead of focusing as much on sports, they should use sports to further their education. I hope that one day athletes would see the energy that they are.

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