The Profession of Accounting Essay

The Profession of Accounting Essay

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An accountant’s job duties are to compile, examine, confirm, and prepare financial statements that include the profit and loss analysis of a given organization/corporation (Ferguson). A typical day would entail working indoors, assessing information and evaluating “best-practices” to recommend (“Accountants”). Some of the main skills that are required form an accountant would be to have analytical, problem-solving, communication, math, and organizational skills (“Accountants”). These skills go hand in hand with everything pertaining to an accountant’s job, for there is slight to nonexistent room for error (Ferguson). For an individual to obtain their CPA, Certified Public Accountant, a person would have to have a minimum of “two year of public accounting experience” with an additional 150 hours of education to apply for the certificate (Ferguson). There is no main/prevalent organization that would offer an accountant a job; it is very diverse because every business utilizes an accountant. The average income of the average certified public accountant is between $52,000 and $89,550 per year (“Certified”). The demand for accountants has gradually increased over time and is expected to continue “[growing] 16% from 2010 to 2020”, which is about the same as any other occupation’s average growth (“Accountants”). Due to business growth, increased scrutiny of financial performances, and continued globalization of business through mergers and acquisitions, the prospects of accounting services are bound to grow (Ferguson; “Accountants”). Skilled accountants are more likely to advance in their jobs faster within a 1 or 2 year gap, and there are also those who excel and could potentially be promoted to an executive position (“Accountants”). Wh...

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...reer decision. There was only one assessment, the one about my leisure time interests, that matched me with the career of being a composer or an actress which emphasized my more artistic self, but I do not have any interest in pursuing either. I can definitely see myself contributing to the arts later in my life when I have the means to support myself but in the mean time I am focused on obtaining my degree in the most affective way.

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