Essay about Productivity Improvement in Srew Type Biomass Briquetting

Essay about Productivity Improvement in Srew Type Biomass Briquetting

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In spite of very good potential for using biomass as a renewable source of energy the practice is in very early stage and limping. There are many factors which contribute their parts in making the process unsuccessful. The major ones are seasonality of the raw materials, shortfalls in logistics, absence of proved manufacturing systems, lack of skilled workers and very many technical factors. Considering technical factors for the screw type of briquetting the biomass, the life of the screw and the mould contribute the highest percentage of hindrance to the production process and hence the highest chance of improving the total productivity. A successful process of producing quality briquettes is very essential in using biomass as a viable and sustainable energy alternative. Most of the researches are going on finding the methods to improve the life of the screw and improving the production process. In this paper the experiments done in improving the life of screw, mould and total productivity due to their combination and the results obtained are discussed. It was found that the improvement in the amount of production is very much influenced not only by the life of the screw but also the life and quality of the mould which acts as the base on which the profile and performance of the screw stands.
Key words: biomass, briquette, productivity, sustainable energy
India is predominantly an agricultural country. Once the grains and other food items are harvested out a good percentage of the crop residues are used as animal feed, firewood and a lot of consumer products made to be sold in the market. In spite of these uses a high percentage of crop residues are still being burnt in the fields without an...

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