Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomass Briquettes Manufactoring by Planning Downtime

Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomass Briquettes Manufactoring by Planning Downtime

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The sectional details of the parts are shown in fig 3 in which the machine shaft is supported by radial and thrust bearings. Radial bearings support the dead load on the shaft, while thrust bearings support the axial load due to compression of saw dust by screw. One end of the shaft is connected to the gear drive. In the other end of the shaft screw is inserted. Starting section of screw placed inside barrel conveys the material into the mould. Mould is made in two sections, first in which the cross section gradually reduced to the final shape of briquette (called forming mould or wear sleeve) and the later with uniform cross section of the final briquette which exerts necessary back pressure for compression due to friction. Saw dust is chosen as the raw material for its suitability to produce high calorific value briquettes[17] and its local availability. The entire saw dust used during this experiment is collected from a single source in single lot. The saw dust is sieved to -5mm, dried to less than 8% moisture in a hot air-current drier and the drier output about 80oC to 90oC is fed directly to the briquetting machine. Only the briquettes of minimum acceptable quality were considered as output. The mould needs to be maintained at a temperature about 250oC for the lignin content in the biomass to melt and act as a binder. For both screw and mould spares were kept ready for replacement. For the first set of data the screw coated by Eutechtrode 700 from L&T was used and it was allowed to run till it breaks down. The mould was also hardened by coating with Eutectrode 700. As an average it took about 45 minutes to remove the screw, cool the system, clean the system from debris of raw material, put the new screw and reh...

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...Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Volume 12, Issue 9, 1989, Page 1176.
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[18] Anbumalar V, Nagarajan M S and Balasubramani P, Productivity improvement in screw type biomass briquetting machine by improving mould life, article in press, Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, December, 2013, Vol. 8, Issue. 4, pp 244-248.

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Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomas Briquettes Manufacturing by Planning Downtime

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