Essay on The Production System Practice At Automotive Industry

Essay on The Production System Practice At Automotive Industry

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This chapter is discuss and compile information that is related to this final year project which is about the lean production system practice at automotive industry by using one of the lean tool which is standardized work kaizen to improve productivity and reduce production time. In this chapter will briefly discuss about the history and introduction about the Lean Production System. There are 7 type of deadly waste that listed by TPS and with the elaboration of Muda, Mura, Muri. The TPS House Diagram illustrates the manufacturing system and the Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation (MAJAICO) program created to improving the Malaysia Automotive Industries. The element in the standardized work is takt time, cycle time, work sequence and standard in-process inventory. There are 5 steps to determine the standardize work which is do gemba walk, develop Production Capacity Sheet, develop Standardized Work Combination Table, create the Standardized Work Chart and do the Standardized Work Audit Checksheet.

Toyota Production System or also refer as Lean Production System is established by the Toyota Corporation. After World War II, Japanese manufacturer were facing declining in financial, human and material resource. The problem arise is different from Western counterpart in term of manufacturing as United State ( US ) manufacturers always finding the efficient formula to establish competitive position, increase the market share and improve the output of the product. These circumferences arise resulted in idea to develop the new and lower cost of manufacturing practices. Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyoda Group, his son Kiichiro Toyoda, Eiji Toyoda, a neph...

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... action, do develop solution, check to know the effectiveness of the plan, and act based on what has been learned.(Johnson,2002).

Figure 2.2: The PDCA Cycle
From the figure above the PDCA Cycle start with the Plan stage involves the opportunity to understand the problem from various viewpoints and analyze it to find the root causes, develop the ideas to fix the problem, and arrange the plan for implementation. The Do stage, the plan has to change to the action as soon as possible. The Check stage in which measure the effectiveness of the implementation and compare it with the previous prediction. The Act stage is refer to establishing the new solution, system or process as the standard if the result is good and if not turn the problem appear newly to the next cycle.( Sobek, 2011)

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