The Production Of The Two Gentlemen Of Verona Directed By Richard Sweet With Music By John Lander

The Production Of The Two Gentlemen Of Verona Directed By Richard Sweet With Music By John Lander

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What an exciting performance! I really enjoyed the production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona directed by Richard Sweet with music by John Lander. It was introduced at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, California. The writer of the adaptation is James Winker. The design team includes Elisa Benzon as the costume designer, Kimberly E. Winters as the lightning designer, and Melanie Chen as the sound designer. Nicole Rois is the production stage manager of the performance. I had the opportunity to view the production on November 16th at the Old Globe Theater on Wednesday, November sixteenth.
To begin, the plot of the play is one of love and gentleman moves away from his best friend and falls in love with the Duke’s daughter. The best friend soon joins his companion, only to fall in love with Duke’s daughter as well. Treachery and heat break follows as the young gentleman 's best friend betrays him in order to win the heart of the Duke’s daughter. Additionally, he betrays the young woman he left behind for which he declared eternal love for.
The main characters include Valentine, Proteus, Julia, and Sylvia. Valentine is the young gentlemen who leaves Verona and travels to Milan, where he falls in love with the Duke’s daughter, Sylvia. Proteus is the best companion of Valentine and lover of Julia. He leaves Verona to join his companion in Milan, where he too, falls in love with Sylvia. He tries to win her heart by sabotaging his best friend. Julia is the young lover of Proteus. She disguises herself as a young man and follows her love to Milan, where she discovers that he is in low with another woman, which breaks her heart. Sylvia is the young daughter of the Duke of Milan. She falls in love with Valentine and plans to escape her ...

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...s, who portrayed Julia, was my least favorite character. I believe she is a good actor, but in my opinion, she kept the same tone and didn’t express emotions as well as the others. For example, when she was angry, I didn’t find believability in her anger, I felt that she was too quiet and it felt like she was more sad than angry. I still believe she did well, but I believe she could have done better.
To conclude, I enjoyed the production. If I was given the chance to view it again, I would happily do it. Before I viewed the play, I read up on the play and discovered that many critics believe that it was Shakespeare’s weakest play. I was worried, but when I viewed the production, I found that I disagreed with the critics. I enjoyed the characters, conflict, and themes. It was an amazing experience, and I hope to view another production at the Old Globe Theater soon.

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