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The Product Of Wal Mart Essay example

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In the early 1990s Wal-Mart decided to manufacture products at a value rate to the consumer. Their Great Value brand is generic to major leading brands. Over the course of this Session Long Project I will discuss the product design Wal-Mart incorporate, provide background foundation of Wal-Mart’s decision for its development, and the different issues for developing the product, I will also discuss the Great Value product life cycle as it pertains to a large selection of products.

As consumers demand for the Great Value brand increased Wal-Mart decided to rejuvenate the products. In “2009 at a time when families needed to make every penny count” (Wal-Mart Store, 2012). Wal-Mart announced the release of new approach to packaging and enhanced quality merchandise ideas for their Great Value brand products, along with the product appearance and quality piece. To better increase the product design Wal-Mart brought in experienced professionals; these professionals were previous top ranking place holders in many national name brand product and companies. Some of the company professionals began their roots with companies such as Hershey foods, Frito-Lay and Pizza Hut. (Neff, 2009) Wal-Mart’s decision to change the traditional black and white generic label to something larger was not intended to mimic or copy, it was to “set the brand apart with a distinct look and identity” (Neff, 2009).
Wal-Mart scouted through merely hundreds of suppliers and product testing facilities. In early 2009, Wal-Mart selected the Agentrics product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to assist with the development of the Great Value private brand products. (Agentrics, 2009) Steering their marketing towards changes in economy, Wal-Mart’s decided to ...

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...dollars from every household in the United States” (Neff, 2009).
Wal-Mart aims for social media involvement; encourages consumers to rate and review the Great Value products on their website. Additionally, Wal-Mart offers cash and shopping incentives for consumers to participate in product surveys. Wal-Mart transformed its original generic value brand with a larger product selection, consumer approach to packaging and enhanced quality.

Over the course of this Session Long Project I provided background of Wal-Mart’s decision for its recreation of the Great Value brand. I discussed Wal-Mart’s role and focus to the consumer for which represents the core of the Great Value private brand. I discussed the Great Value product life cycle and the partnership with Agentrics. Finally, I provided facts that identify the Great Value brands standing amongst its competitors.

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