Product Life Cycle And Communication Essay

Product Life Cycle And Communication Essay

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Product Life Cycle and Communication
The project manager would be able to endure through each phase of the product life cycle; initiation, planning, execution and closure because the production stages of; analysis, design, develop, implement and evaluate are similar to the phases of product life cycle. The product manager will need to have teambuilding skills in every phase especially in the initiation stage and planning stages. The project manager would need to use their observation and analyzation skills in the execution phase of the product life cycle. There are various forms of communication that project managers could use. They are able to communicate via email, conference calling and direct communication. Communication is very important and is a tool that the program manager would need to use very extensively and it creates positive work environment as told by (Lazarus, 2011). All information should be shared with the stakeholders. There would need to be transparency in the information. The information and updates would be shared via weekly team meetings, emails and interoffice memorandums. Text messaging is also a way of passing on important information quickly. Ethics must be discussed with stakeholders and the importance of not passing on proprietary information to those who are not involved with the project. If some information was leaked out, it could get out to the competitors.
Project Charter
A project charter is the team’s detailed and concise plan on the steps that will be taken to complete the project. It lists who, what, when and how. The project charter is created in the iniation phase of the project. Without the project charter there might be under allocation of funds for the project. A project charter a...

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...isk that employees working in the manufacturing plant become sick and slows down production so that the deliverable care not presented on schedule another risk is that the truck that delivers parts for producing the merchandise breaks down, this would also hinder production and a final risk would be if the product does not appeal to consumers and does not sell as projected. This would lead to a loss of revenue. The high potential of an increase of profit outweighs the risk.

There will always be risk involved in every project. The risk involved with the Winsome Manufacturing project can be monitored and minimized. The revenue that will be gained and the impact that the potential growth of the company depends on the project. The potential impact of foregoing the project would have a negative impact on Winsome Manufacturing Company.

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