Product Customer Needs Customer Expectations Essay

Product Customer Needs Customer Expectations Essay

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Product Customer wants Customer needs Customer expectations

Good –apple watch Customers always want

the product of new

variety and with new

features. They also

want it at cheaper

price, so that they can

afford it easily.

In daily life every one of

us needs various things

for our daily use. Watch

is also a part of it.

Customer needs apple

watch because it has

many other different

functions which other

watches do not have in




Everybody needs a

good customer service.

Being friendly is the

most basic need of the


Idea –new apple


Customers want that

whenever they go to

buy anything, they

should be treated well

and in good manner.

The service provider

should also behave

with them politely.

Customers want that

their product should

always be updated with

a latest version of

software so that their

product works in good

and effective way.

Customers need the

new software’s to do

their work more

effectively and in

creative way.

As technology has

developed now day’s

expectations of

customers also

increases. Because

there are many other

products available in

the market. So

customers want that

they should get the

product cheaper, easier

and of good quality.

Customers always want

that they should be

welcomed warmly

wherever they go.

Customers always

expect to be fairly


Customer expectations

are high now a days

because they have

many other choice to

go for.


Ans – when a company launches any new product in market, they have to look that the customer is

satisfied with the product. The price of the product should be reasonable so that everybody...

... middle of paper ...

...itive edge over other companies. The only way to

see things that customer wants is to be very loyal and cooperative with customers when they come in

contact with the company.


ANS- relationship marketing involves developing long term relationship with customers so that they

provide you with on gong business. A company must exceed customer satisfaction. Expectation in order

to retain customers and develop long term relationship with them. Companies build relationships with

customers by offering value and providing customer satisfaction.


ANS- customer service strategies are the expectations of the customers that they expect from the

company. They want that when they go to buy any product, they should be welcomed warmly and in

good manner. They want that they should be treated fairly. they want that company should be very

loyal with them.

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