Essay about Product Branding : Brand Promise

Essay about Product Branding : Brand Promise

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Product Branding
Brand Promise
A brand promise is clear statement and vision of what the brand delivers to its customers. Consumers will find and use a brand product if there is an expectation of experiencing the values the brand promises to deliver (Punjaisri, Wilson, & Evanschitzky, 2008). However, failing to deliver on the brand promise will adversely affect consumer relationship in terms of trust and commitment (Punjaisri et al., 2008). Seeking to create the best brand experience, Fitbit’s brand promise and vision, is “[t]o empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life. We design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be” (Fitbit, 2016). Their mission is the dedication to build health and fitness products to help people transform their lives. Offering personal activity tracking, Fitbit wearables give users greater insight into achieving their peak performance. To ensure all stakeholders understand the fundamental element of the Fitbit brand, they offer various products and biofeedback to help one reach their fitness goals. Knowing that a brand promise is more than the product and brand, Fitbit creates a customer connection using user accounts, social media campaigns, and influences user behavior with motivational goals and social integrations (Alwi & Ismail, 2013). Fitbit engages employees with to generate positive employee influence and interaction with the brand and their consumers (Punjaisri et al., 2008). With the goal of attracting and retaining their target market, Fitbit delivers theirs promise to promote a healthier, more active customer by influencing their behaviors.

Attributes and Benefits of Fitbit an...

... middle of paper ... personal biometrics. In addition, users can use the Fitbit app or website to log and track water intake, calories consumed, calories expended, activities conducted, and time asleep to get a greater understanding of personal biometrics. This point-of-difference reinforces the brand image as Fitbit’s website allows potential and actual users to research products to build brand recognition (Dib & Alhaddad, 2015). Fitbit devices afford users the ability to accessorize their functional devices as another point-of-difference to make them more fashionable, thereby creating a stronger association with the brand. To foster the brand reputation, users can affiliate their social media accounts with Fitbit user accounts, which in turns, expands the brand awareness, emphasize points-of-difference and points-of-parity, and increase consumer loyalty (Dib & Alhaddad, 2015).

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