Product and Promotion of CRHK Essay

Product and Promotion of CRHK Essay

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Three Levels of a Product

 Core Product
Core product actually is a faith and benefit of a product, in order to valuate customers’ life. As the result, CRHK aimed to provide the latest news and entertainment information to audiences. The beliefs of their product are mainly candid and criticizes on daily gimmick topics in order to keep people hooked on to the updated world information.

 Actual product
The actual product is a tangible product. As a radio station, their actual products definitely are the channels, radio programmes and DJs. There are three channel frequencies such as FM 881, FM 903 and AM 864. Yet, the radio programmes are mainly provided in FM and clearly targeted to different levels of audience.

- Market segmentation and Positioning
In order to responses the targeted market’s desires., the positioning of programme contents of FM 881 are in professional, critical talk-based while FM 903 are fast-paced, creative and free talk-based with playful atmosphere.

For example, the flagship programme of FM 881 are mainly in News and Public affairs block (在晴朗的一天出發, 光明頂) while FM 903 are in the Leisure and Music (早霸王, 叱咤樂壇).

For this reason, the audiences of FM 881 are mainly in 35-54 years old range. On the other hand, opposite to FM 881, audiences of FM 903 are the youngster which between 15-34 years old.

- Packaging of Hosts / DJs
Based on the target audiences, CRHK packages their programme hosts in different ways. In order to attract more target audience to listen, the hosts of FM 881 are usually guest host such as famous critics and financial experts like陳永陸and陶傑to make the programme be more professional and trustable.

However, as to fulfill the taste of youth, hosts of FM 903 are all famous DJ with jo...

... middle of paper ...

...also included. For example, the CRHK provides live broadcast of “Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation” or “30-hours Famine” on their official website every years.
In addition, CRHK creates Programme’s Fanpage on Facebook and the official forum as to interact with audiences.

Below the line promotion (BTL)
Besides ATL, BTL is another marketing theory refers to forms of non-media communication to promote, such as exhibitions, sponsorship activities or public relations. Under this theory, CRHK also acquires it in some areas.

-Press Conference
All shows and events that produced by CRHK will hold a press conference as to invite and cooperate with other media to make news reports of the event.

-Joint event
To cooperate with World Vision as an organizer of “30-hours Famine”, instead to meet the social responsibility, it also helps promote the brand and image of CRHK.

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