Essay Product and Pricing Strategies of Mining Machinery in the Ukraine

Essay Product and Pricing Strategies of Mining Machinery in the Ukraine

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Product and Pricing Strategies
The Ukraine has abundant deposits of coal in the Donets Basin. However, most of it is at enormous depths from 300 to 1200 meters below the surface. (Wikipedia, 2013) These very hazardous mining operations require special equipment in order to operate in these conditions safely. The larger SME300 Series and smaller SME200 Series continuous miners are specifically designed to operate deep under the ground in tight spaces.
Ukraine has well established manufacturing sector of mining machinery. Companies such as SIC Mining Machines and Yasinovatskiy Machine Building Plan are well-established suppliers in a region. They are marketing themselves as suppliers of affordable mining equipment. However, their machinery is not built to the latest standards with regards the serviceability, energy consumption, and personnel safety. The equipment manufactured by SME does hold up to the highest standards for the mining equipment. In addition, the modularity and interchangeability of the product parts produces allows for much more efficient exploitation of the equipment in a production environment. By meeting consumer demands for safety, environmental performance, and durability, we can to differentiate our company and our offerings from other vendors.
The combination of skimming and high-low pricing strategies will be the most appropriate for the Ukrainian market. The private mining corporations are often paying premium pricing for the equipment manufactured in Germany and Poland. There equipment shipped from outside of the country generally considered of better quality and the companies are willing to invest more capital into machinery that would deliver greater productivity and higher output between overhauls.

... middle of paper ... industry.
The building good relations with local machinery distributors and wholesalers are essential to our promotion strategy. The distributors will receive additional savings on equipment orders.
Trade shows are very important in the mining industry. They are the place for experts to meet with national and international companies, to learn about latest innovations within industry. Attending tradeshows provide unique opportunity for a strong brand building via product demonstrations, seminars, conferences and sponsorship opportunities to a targeted audience of qualified buyers that have come to see our equipment.
One of these shows is Ugol & Mining Ukraine. The show is occurs every 2 years in coal mining capital Donetsk. Over the years Ugol & Mining Ukraine has become a regular meeting point for the industry. The next one scheduled for September 2-5, 2014.

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