Essay on Producing Professional Recordings at Home

Essay on Producing Professional Recordings at Home

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For most careers, sound is used as a medium for communicating thoughts, ideas, and important information. For this very reason, it is unlikely that you would ever see an office space with tall ceilings and hardwood floor—as people would be unable to clearly communicate with each other due to the echoic effects of the architectural structure. Instead, office spaces have relatively low ceilings and carpeted floor to reduce the number of reflections from a sound source. This allows our voices to be heard clearly for the intended audience—whether a cubicle neighbor, or a group of people in a conference room. However, a large number of industrial workplaces produce sound pollution as a result of machinery. For these particular environments, sound absorption and isolation techniques are used to reduce noise pollution and create safer aural environments for employees. With this concept of utilizing sound and disposing sound, we can take a closer look at a career in music production—a job that meticulously considers every aspect of sound. While the engineers that produce ‘billboard albums’ rely greatly on their choice of equipment and their ears, the environment in which they record, mix and master plays a tremendous role in the clarity and the overall soundscape.
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for sound engineers to have home studios—in fact, many contemporary studios operate from within the engineer’s home because it is convenient, relatively affordable, and can produce results comparable to a studio that was constructed for the very purpose of music. Most recording studios consist of a control room, the live studio performance area, and a smaller booth where vocals are most often recorded (“Design Considerations”). However, the shape o...

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...e for recording vocals and instruments. While most rooms in a home are not ideal for recording, at first, some careful planning can go a long way in making a simple bedroom or office room into a control room, or making a small closet space into your very own sound isolation booth. With a little time, your home can become your dream workplace. 

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