Proctor's Character in “The Crucible” Essay example

Proctor's Character in “The Crucible” Essay example

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John Proctor is portrait in “The Crucible” as a man of word, a man who is at most times honest. Throughout his whole life, Proctor took care of maintaining his name and his wife’s name clean. It is said in the book how Proctor took care of farming and had a really special caring for his wife. Even though it is arguable and true that he was not faithful at all times to Elizabeth it is insane to say he did not care for her. As an example, when she was condemned he did what was possible in order to save her life. From all sides we can see how this man was compassionate and lived his life with honesty. John Proctor would, in fact, only live under these circumstances.
For everyday of a life, every second breathed, and every year you increased on your age was made in order to constitute your name this would be the most important thing you could own. No material objects or things would become more important than something you cannot even see: your soul. A soul that would torment you everyday if your ideas were not held firm on air, a soul that could not come to be if it lost itself. As a...

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