Procter & Gamble : Case Study Essay

Procter & Gamble : Case Study Essay

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Procter & Gamble has many household brands that range from detergent to cologne, with one goal in mind – improving the lives of the world’s customers. The company is in business to provide branded products of superior, consistent quality for many parts of your life where consistency and value are important – from razors to tampons –creating a relationship with their customers in the process. With a market capitalization of over $190 billion, Procter & Gamble operates in countries around the world and owns a range of strong brands such as Head & Shoulders, Olay, Pantene, Gillette, Crest, Dawn, Tide and Febreze. Of the roughly 70 brands owned by Procter & Gamble today, 25 of them each generate more than $1 billion in sales per year. Since there are many billion-dollar and half-billion dollar brands within Procter & Gamble, I will sometimes use one brand as an example, and use the insight from the example to come back and address the company as a whole.
When Procter & Gamble announced the restructuring of their company in 2014, the stock dropped by about to 30 percent over the next year, but now has climbed back to the stock price it was at right before the drastic shift in Procter & Gamble’s focus. For each product in Procter & Gamble’s repertoire, there are different players and elements that affect how the company markets, operates, and strategizes to maximize its profits. Overall, the company’s goal is uniform – present quality products and earn the loyalty of their customers.
Macro-Level External Environment
Political and Legal
Procter & Gamble operates in sales of goods you’d usually see at a pharmacy or general store. Most of its products don’t have to jump through the same hoops as more medically-intense products like medici...

... middle of paper ... to deliver products with just one day of transit to 80% of retailers.
Procter & Gamble largely operates in goods that are practically necessities in daily life. They sell basic grooming items at a relatively inexpensive price. All this equates to Procter & Gamble largely being unaffected by what goes on in the economy overall. Its beta factor – the factor by which a company moves with the overall market – is 0.65, which means that it has a positive correlation with the market, but not all that strong. This seems intuitive for Head & Shoulders, Gillette and Old Spice; these products are valued higher than most other goods in that market, slight changes in purchasing behavior that come with a changing economy is not enough to result in dramatic changes in sales. However, people will change their purchasing behaviors slightly in the face of economic change.

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