Procrastination: Gateway To Failure Essay

Procrastination: Gateway To Failure Essay

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Procrastination: Gateway to Failure
Procrastination in writing is very common and can result in a substantial loss of pretentiously valuable time. There are many reasons that explain why people procrastinate but these reasons are not always the same from one individual to another. A wide variety of psychological aspects result in procrastination, one of which is anxiety. Everyone exercises procrastination at one point or another in their life, however, most people do not know the cause of this action, or lackthereof.
The psychological causes that often outline procrastination include: a deficient feeling of self-worth, culmination of anxiety, and a self-defeating disposition. In addition, people that continually procrastinate seem to withhold a level of conscientiousness which exceedes the average level. Whats this means is people who repeatedly procrastinate generally withhold a trate which compels them to expend or show diligent care and effort. This careful attention to detail in achieveing a desired objective often leads to an obsessive desire to avoid error. Procrastinator's sence of reality is "more based on the "dreams and wishes" of perfection or achievement in contrast to a realistic appreciation of their obligations and potential" (Strub 1). There are several psychological causes which result in procrastination.

Author David Allen has come up with two considerable psychological causes of procrastination in our everyday lives. These psychological causes are directly affiliated to anxiety, not laziness. The first division constitutes things "too small to worry about, tasks that are an annoying ...

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...ten self-defined goals. When excuses are accepted or accommodated, the procrastinators behavior is reinforced, advancing the problem. Procrastination can come into effect as a temporary and infrequent fallacy, or it can play the roll as a continuous infirmity which constantly plagues every-day life.

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