The Process Recycling And Composting Essay

The Process Recycling And Composting Essay

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The Process Recycling and Composting
Recycling is good for the environment because, when we dispose of waste, we are packing the landfills full of scraps that could be reused. There are also ways that we can use our leftover food scraps, which is called composting. There are numerous different types of composting, like bin, pile, sheet, pit, and worms. The process of recycling has a lot of steps but the process of composting is very easy.
When we don’t recycle we are putting a bad impact on the environment. When we don’t recycle the landfills fill up and we have to create new landfills. A landfill is a built up mound where your trash is taken (Learn about Landfills). When landfills fill up, new landfills have to be made, which is taking space away from animals and their habitat. Five ways that recycling helps the environment. “1. Recycling reduces pollution. 2. Recycling helps preserve our natural resources. 3. Recycling gives green jobs. 4. Recycling helps create awareness. 5. Recycling saves expenses and resources” (5 Ways Recycling Helps the Planet).
After your recycled items ar...

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