The Process of Writing a Research Paper

The Process of Writing a Research Paper

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In science there is a question of why something happens the way it does and experiments are preformed in order to answer that question. In writing there is an idea sparked by a curiosity or inspiration that is displayed concisely in the boundaries of a paper. “ A refinement of everyday thinking “ is seen in each - a large, cumbersome message is explained more clearly through the practice of science and English respectively. In this course, I have found how being a writer is much like being a scientist. I investigated a claim on a piece of literature, developed a method in which to argue my claim, and continually revised my claim until it was one that was proven true – much like the scientific method.
The first task of thinking of an essay topic is not one that is difficult for me; however, developing a clear and inclusive method for my idea is a challenge. Finding a thesis statement, much like forming a hypothesis in science, is a cumbersome task for me when writing a paper. As my revision exhibit displays, several different attempts are made before a conclusive thesis is reached. Although I know what I want to argue, I still have a hard time giving an overview in my entire thought in a sentence or two – especially early in the writing process. Like a curious scientist, throughout the novel Waiting for the Barbarians I was intrigued and knew that I wanted to make a claim about the setting for my third paper. However, as this course taught me, I needed tension and clarity in my argument that came through my revision process as I became more aware of my exact argument. After peer reviews and a lot of thinking I realized that the “universal method” I was attempting to convey was “of imperialism bringing out the evil of the human ...

... middle of paper ...

...lete duration of the paper.
Who would have known that writing and science were so relatable; from organic chemistry to English 1102, the thought process in both contains many of the same elements. First, a hypothesis or thesis must be made. Then, an experimental method or essay outline must be worked out to insure a smooth lab or paper. Finally, additional test runs and multiple revisions must be made with the help of lab partners or peer reviewers to insure the best possible final product. In addition to the similarities, the actual writing process is utilized in science as my wild card of a Biology lab research write up displays. This semester I have realized , along with my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, that writing and the process of writing doesn’t just matter in the English classroom, but also in everyday thinking and in many other fields of study.

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