Process of Using Static and Analytic Methods to Help Make Better Military, Apolitical, Governmental, and Business Decisions

Process of Using Static and Analytic Methods to Help Make Better Military, Apolitical, Governmental, and Business Decisions

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Operations Research

Operations Research is the process of using statistic and analytic methods to help make better military, governmental, apolitical, and business decisions. Researchers apply formulas and models of math in order to analyze and make decisions regarding complex situations in their career field. Those who work in operations research focus on data, all decision options, predicting the outcome and risks, and using the proper tools and techniques to find these results. Three areas of focus in the field are: simulation, optimization, and probability and statistics. Operations Research can be found everywhere in the world – from airlines to theme parks, from beginning business to billionaires. It helps improve local paper routes and global expeditions. Almost everything you know benefits from Operations Research. These processes have and will continue to change, update, and refine life as we know it.


Preparation of Flood Emergency

In order to prepare for a flood, there are three levels of composition: strategic, tactical, and operative. The first step, strategic, evaluates the weak points of the current flood protection, and how to restore previously broken measures. Tactical includes creating rescue operations such as boats, rescue vehicles, creating command centers and organization of leaders and workers for relief. Operative regards decisions on how to deal with a flood, such as evacuating people in a controlled and timely fashion and reducing the flood before it causes too much damage.
Magdeburg, Germany: the city that resides on the Elbe River creating a flood preparation plan in order to reduce the damage to homes and citizens. Those in charge of the flood preparation teamed up with the ...

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... all fall in the same categories of thought: evaluating the problem, breaking it into individual problems to be solved, finding solutions, and coming up with an overall positive result for everyone involved and affected by it. At some points it may involve knowledge gained from previous experiences, while for other examples the problem needs a completely new way of thinking in order to be solved. While they are many units to a successful OR, everyone who makes decisions can adopt the methods, and will soon see it as a positive influence in their life. OR is possibly the most powerful mathematic division, yet the prominence of this branch of knowledge is just beginning. In the years to come, job opportunities will increase, divisions in all companies will become standard, and everyone will know and be intrigued by the philosophy and results of Operations Research.

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