The Process Of Recruitment For The Faculty Of Education Essay

The Process Of Recruitment For The Faculty Of Education Essay

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The process of recruitment for this position entails finding individuals who have a passion for sports and are inspired to promote a healthy life style. Individual’s who have prior experience running day camps or working at day cares would be an asset for this position. Manners in which this position should move forward to recruit are as follows. Advertising in educational institutions, adds on the internet and employee referrals. Advertising in the faculty of education would be effective because many people in this faculty are looking to further their experience with children and this position provides the opportunity for that. Postings could be placed throughout the faculty detailing how interested applicants can apply. Posting this ad online on their website would also be effective because this would allow for the general public to apply for this position. This would allow for a high number of individuals to see the ad as well. Encouraging previous employees to refer their friends and family would also be effective because money would be saved on advertising as well as the current employee could serve as an effective reference.

Educational requirements
Applicants for this position would at minimum have their high school diploma or equivalence. However at least one year of post-secondary school would be an asset. CPR C as well as first aid training is necessary for this position because so many children partake in the camp every year.
Resumes and Application
The first step in the selection process would require all the applicants to submit a resume along with a universal application. The application would ask for basic identifying information. The applicants name, phone number, work and volunteer expe...

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...etion of all interviews, each answer to the questions will be scored based on their proximity to the established ideal answer. The applicants who have the highest scores will be considered for the position. Final considerations for the position should be the personal skills the applicant demonstrated during the interview. This includes eye contact, tone of voice and the overall confidence and presentation of the applicant. Making sure the hired applicant fits the over all environment of the organization is important this helps ensure that all children that partake in camp have a positive experience. The entire application process would be scored out of 100. The interview would be worth 50%, resume 25%, universal application 10% and references 15%. Finally the applicant would have to agree to submit a completed criminal record check and child abuse registry check.

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