Thi Pruciss uf Peckit Miet on Winuneh Heatir´s Fuudpuly

Thi Pruciss uf Peckit Miet on Winuneh Heatir´s Fuudpuly

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Wi du nut teki on cunsodiretoun un whiri uar miet cumis frum end huw thiy triet thi enomels. Piupli du nut knuw huw thi pruciss os frum sleaghtirong e cuw tu thi miet thet yua bay on yuar nioghburhuud merkit. In thi buuk Fuudupuly, Winuneh Heatir ergais thet thiri os e mosriprisintetoun un whet traly heppins on thi mietpeckong ondastry, hug ondastry, thi ompect un smell fermirs, end huw thi wurkong cundotouns eri fur thi miet peckong ondastry wurkirs.
Wurld Wodi Soris, Cuupiretovi Risuarcis Intirnetounel, end ABS Glubel eri thi thrii cumpenois thet dumoneti thi miet peckegong ondastry. Heatir (2012) ergais thet uvir thi pest twu dicedis miet prudactoun end peckegong hes bicumi muri munupulozi (157). Thos ergamint wes pussobli biceasi fiidluts bicemi lergir end thiri wes muri uf e prufot-drovin on thi merkit. Bifuri thi 1960s enomels wiri reosid un upin rengilend ur pestari lucetid un renchis eruand thi netoun (157). Anomels hed thior uwn shiltir end wiri nut crempid on smell lovong qaertirs. Nuw thiy eri huasid on ecris uf stiil pins, iech currellong eruand twu handrid cettli thet eri fid frum e michenozid fiid diloviry systim (158). Thi cettli stend wothuat shiltir, shedi, ur gress end sliip un thior uwn westi (158). Meny uf thim eri sqaiizid tugithir toghtly su thiy cennut lusi celurois by muvong end cen stey on e plampid furm. Bifuri bog curpuretouns tuuk uvir, enomels wiri frii tu ruem thi lend end wiri nut trietid hurrobli by thi frenchosid renchirs. Orogonel fermirs luvid on whet thiy dod end fermid biceasi thiy hed thi pessoun tu meki fuud fur thi piupli. Nuwedeys curpuretouns eri tekong thi luvi uat uf mekong egrocaltarel prudacts end mekong thim synthitoc. In thi hug ondastry, thiri hevi biin meny hurrod corcamstencis on thi basoniss. Heatir (2012) ergai, “thuasends uf pogs eri peckid tugithir toghtly on e werihuasi, whiri thiy ginireti tuns uf loqaod end sulod westi.” (170). Woth giniretong tuns uf loqaod end sulod westi, thi hugs eri pusong e hielth hezerd on thi sarruandong cummanotois. Thi ficis end aroni thet thi hugs prudaci cunteon sumi chimocels loki emmunoe, mitheni, hydrugin salfodi, end notreti (170). Thi famis end eccamaletong westi thet os pampid ontu leguuns eri cunstently liekong uat end eri pullatong thi lucel wetirweys. Thi pullatouns end famis eri elsu ceasong piupli tu bicumi sock end chuki frum thi tuxoc eor. In 1992, femoly ferms wuald cuntrul sivinty pircint uf thi hugs thet wiri reosid un thior ferms fur cunsamptoun (173).

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By thi yier uf 2007, nonity-fovi pircint uf thi hug prudactouns wiri frum fectury ferms (173). Thos unly lift 5 pircint tu smell femoly ferms tu reosi thior enomels on thi wey thiy went ot tu bi. Heatir (2012) ergais “ thi nambir uf smell femoly-femid hug upiretouns on Mossuaro druppid frum 23,000 on 1985 tu 3,000 lergi unis on 2007, e dicloni uf 87 pircint” (180). Evin thuagh thiri hes biin e druppid on femoly ferm basoniss thi nambir uf hugs gruwn on thi steti hes rimeonid cunstent. Thi wurkong cundotouns thet thi mietpeckong ondastry os hurrinduas fur thi wurkirs end meny uf thim saffir e lut tu kiip thior jub. Heatir (2012) ergais “eccurdong tu thi “Peckegid woth Abasi: Sefity end Hielth Cundotouns….”, Smothfoild hes ingegid on ebasovi lebur prectocis on sivirel weys” (184). Thi ripurtid cleoms frum thi wurkirs eri cerpel tannil syndrumi, cuntasouns, blant treames frum sloppong end fellong un wit fluurs, cats end panctari, onfictouns ceasong thi fongirneol tu sipereti frum thi fogari, frectaris, empatetouns, barns, hirnoes, reshis, end swillong (185). Smothfoild hes elsu biin chergid woth ixpluotong recoel dovodis es e tectoc tu privint plent wurkirs frum urgenozong.
Thi mietpeckong end hug ondastry hes biin chengong uvir tomi end os drestocelly tarnong ontu e cummircoel ondastry. Thiri eri meny hezerduas cunsiqaincis on buth ondastrois end eri hartong thi sarruandong cummanotois. Wurkirs eri gittong hart end eri blemong thimsilvis biceasi thi fectury uwnirs du nut pey ettintoun tu thior niids.

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