Essay on The Process Of Interpersonal Communication

Essay on The Process Of Interpersonal Communication

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Chapter three of “Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication” demonstrates a models of “self-disclosure that can help better understand how self-revelation operates in our relationships(pg 87).” By learning about self-disclosure and understanding the models, I was able to understand the effects and process of self- disclosure between my parent and I. It illustrated how self-revealing can be effective in making the relationship between my parents and I stronger and more efficient in understanding one another.
Firstly, Self-disclosure is a process of communication in which an individual reveals information about themselves to someone else. The information may be descriptive or evaluative, which may include thoughts, feelings, aspirations, goals, failures, fears, as well as one 's likes, dislikes, and favorites. The textbook states that Psychologist Paul Cozby suggest that for communication acts to be “considered self-disclosing, it must first contain personal information, Secondly the sender must communicate this information verbally and, lastly another person must be the target(pg 87)” In other words self-disclosure has to be intentional, directed at someone, honest, revealing, and contain information unknown to other sources, which gains its  intimate nature from the context in which it is expressed. Even though we spend most of the day communicating act that may seem self-revealing by classification we don 't actually communicate self-disclosure very much. Even among friends or intimate relationship we disclose little or no personal information with a high degree of frequency. I rarely share personal information with my parents unless it 's necessary for them to know and the topic we do discuss are usually moderate to...

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... is powerful”. One of the guidelines the text states is, is the disclosure reciprocated. Which states that there needs to be a balanced of disclosure for maintaining each party’s investments in the relationship(pg 97).” By reading this chapter I was able to put this into perspective in my relationship with my parents and also get a better understanding of the effects of lack of disclosure between us ways to help maintain a successful relationship by revealing personal information that can be used in a constructive, reasonable and appropriate way to grow closer.

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