The Process Of Human Infants Essay

The Process Of Human Infants Essay

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In the process of human infants’ development, infants start to learn how to communicate with the others at the surprising early age, for example: Newborns can follow objects to make saccades to peripheral targets (Farroni et al., 2004);Infants’ responding eye gaze behaviour increase constantly since two months old (Scaife & Bruner, 1975); Cooper and Aslin pointed out that this preference showed up as early as the infants were one month old in 1990. Infants not only can respond to eye contact, vocal cues also are used for gaining more reference information during a communication, particularly when the speech is conducted forward to the infants. It had been reported in many studies that infants show more preference to infant-directed communication than infant-undirected communication. Additionally, infants’ own name as the unique cues, four and half months olds will listen longer to these first names than others’ name (Mandel, Jusczyk & Pisoni, 1995).
There is a probable reason for eye gaze developed so early in human infants. Eye gaze is essential for evaluating the following objects: liking and attraction, attentiveness, competence, social skills and mental health, credibility, and dominance (Kleinke, 1986), these evaluations provide information about the target of another person’s attention and expression. Therefore, eye gaze helps to obtain information about communicative intentions and future behaviour (Baron-Cohen, 1995). Moreover, according to Patterson’s distinguish between communicative behaviours and indicative behaviours in 1982, only communicative behaviours are driven by a goal or purpose. Thus when infants are using eye gaze for communication, they are subjective to process the information transition. This statement al...

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...cial for human infants to accumulate social knowledge and building general social norms. Evaluation The results
From the above context, it is obvious that being sensitive to ostensive signals is not only important for social communication but also for social learning. During the communication, large quantities of general knowledge should be noticed by human infants, ostensive signals play an irreplaceable role to draw infants’ attention so they can use this unique learning mechanism to adapt themselves to the Human society. Eventually, human knowledge be able to delivered from generation to generation. While there is a large literature documenting the importance of ostensive signals, but with the development of neuroscience and neuroimaging technologies, the research trends in psychology began to shift to the neural basis of these response models in the last decade.

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