Essay on The Process of Forming Sheet Metal

Essay on The Process of Forming Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal Forming is a process of making a flat sheet metal into a desired shape part without excessive localized thinning or Fracture.
This following report on sheet metal forming consists of forming study of two components one given in the course and an another outside of our field of work, it details the materials used and their metallurgical properties and alternative materials that can be considered. Detail the forming process used and an alternative route. Also Detail the forming effects such as spring back and the methods to reduce them.

Mechanical properties of metals:
Formability is the ease with which the sheet metal can be shaped through plastic deformation
Parts, when in service and while forming, are subjected to forces. It is necessary to know the characteristics of the material to design and form the component so that any resulting deformation will not result in failure of the component in service and while forming.
These characteristics of material can be determined by stress strain tests using a test sample, one of the most common is tensile test, which measures two types of mechanical properties 1.Strength properties: yield strength, Modulus of elasticity, Ultimate tensile strength. 2. Ductile properties: percentage of elongation
Deformation of a material or strains depends on the magnitude of stress. For most metals that are stressed in tension stress and strain are proportional Deformation at which stress is proportional to stain is called elastic deformation, a plot of stress versus strain results in a linear relationship. The slope of this linear segment represents to the modulus of elasticity E. This modulus indicates the stiffness of the material or material’s resistance to el...

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