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Today in America, divorce is now a common thing to happen. It can affect every person from any social class. Divorce is viewed by people in many different ways. Some people see divorce through studies that not always necessarily accurate. Other see it from what they have experienced. When a marriage starts to fail, most couples just prefer to have a divorce. For those couples it is just the more simple solution for them, rather than trying to force the relationship to work.
Divorce is defined as a court judgment ending a marriage. For the court to do this, it requires a “legal reason” for the divorce. However; a divorce is not similar to annulment, which is when a marriage is declared null and void.
Some facts about divorce are that in America there is about two divorces every minute which adds up to about 876,000 divorces a year. The marriages that ended in a divorce usually lasted about eight years. Thirty years old is the average age that someone goes into a divorce. People tend to wait about three years after a divorce to remarry, that is if they have decided to remarry at all. When it comes to same-sex married couples, about one percent gets divorced each year, where as for straight couples it is two percent per year.
It has been studied that is your parents where a happily married couple, the risk of you going through a divorce is reduced by as much as fourteen percent. Those who waited till they were over the age of twenty-five have been found to be twenty-four percent less likely to get divorced. Having a college education lowers the chance by thirteen percent. If you live with your partner before you get married it can surprising actually increase your chance of getting divorced as mush as forty percent.
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