Essay on The Process Of Diversifying Company

Essay on The Process Of Diversifying Company

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The process of diversifying company A should begin with research, next the goals would be set based on that research, then the leadership team would dived the work up, and finally they would implement the plan with the employees.
Research should be the first step because it allows the leadership team to go into the project knowing everything there is to know. The leadership team would first want to assess what other companies have done to diversify. They could then look at what was successful and not successful. After gathering ideas from other companies, they should next turn to look at demographics. That is, the demographics of the surrounding areas and within the company. Looking at the area around the company would be important because the leaders need to know if they have a diverse group locally or if they are going to have to recruit in more areas in order to achieve diversification. Demographics within the company are extremely important too. The leadership team must know what they have to build on within the company as well. The final two questions that should be asked in t...

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