The Process of Designing a Truck Bed Essay

The Process of Designing a Truck Bed Essay

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The objective for this lab was for each individual to make a truck bed from a 1010 steel metal sheet. The individual would learn the process of bending the the metal, designing a shape based on dimensions, and shearing off parts that lack purpose in the design. This process of designing the truck bed takes time, precision, and carefulness. From this process one learns the basics of forming, and all the basic equipment required to create a truck bed.

Modern day manufacturing provides us with a vast array of metal forming processes to choose from. Sheet metalworking includes cutting and forming operations performed on relatively thin sheets of metal [1]. Its most most commonly done as a cold working process performed on low carbon steel with thickness ranging between 0.4 mm and 6 mm [1]. Thus sheet metalworking is associated with accuracy of dimensioning and good surface finish. Of course, there are are downsides to sheet metalworking as there would be with any other process in the world of manufacturing. Forming sheet metal at room temperatures requires significant amounts of force. Nonetheless, sheet metalworking best suits our needs in this case, as it allows to choose from an array of operations including spinning, bending, punching, shearing, and many more.

Tools, Equipment, Materials
The tools and materials required for this lab are sheet metal blank 4” x 4.25” (1010 steel), floor shears, bench shears, hand shears, rivets, markers/pencils, notchers, calipers,
hand punches, pedestal punches, benders, finger benders, hammers, hand seamers, rivet sets, anvil, welding gloves, spot welder, hand file and blank shears.

Methods and Procedures
The process begins with a 1010 steel sheet metal blank. ...

... middle of paper ...

...s truck bed was a project perfectly suited for sheet metalworking, for it provided us with a vast array of operations to choose from.

When shearing off the metal, it is better to shear the piece off about a mm away from where you want to shear the section because the machine either bends or takes a little more of the metal than what we desire. Another observation is when bending the metal the metal does not always bend on the desired line, therefore if one is going to bend the metal just like the shearing it would be best for the desired parts to be bent at least a mm away from the line which is the bending marker. It is always best to bend less because the more metal you bend the short the box.

[1] Groover, Mikell P. "Chapter 14/Sheet Metalworking." Introduction to Manufacturing Processes. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2012. 304-335. Print.

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