Essay on The Process Of Conducting My Research

Essay on The Process Of Conducting My Research

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Throughout the process of conducting my research, I felt very unfamiliar with the methodology, and because of this I felt slightly uncomfortable. I was forced to undertake new (and foreign) ways of initiating conversation with strangers, eventually asking them if they’d like to participate in an interview. While asking strangers to talk to me about a sensitive topic was at first frightening (and somewhat difficult), it became second-nature as I talked to more people. Much like how initiating conversation with strangers was intimidating, interviewing them also took a toll on my nerves. However, I made sure the first interview was a friend so they could give me constructive feedback before I actually went out and started to record data from people whom I had never met. Because of this, I believe that the interviewing process was made easier just because I found all of the faults in my questions before the answers actually mattered. Nonetheless, every time I completed an interview I felt a sense of relief and pride. It felt rewarding to allow strangers to open up to me about such a con...

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