The Process Of Aging Process Essay

The Process Of Aging Process Essay

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Throughout this class I have learned a lot about the process of aging. Going into the semester I thought that I had a good idea of all of the processes and complications that I will face as I continue to age. I do not think I was prepared for the amount of information that I would learn about how complicated the process truly is. I have learned a lot about the aging process and the steps I can take to not only make my aging process better, but also improve the process for those in my family and others around me. I hope to show you in this final examination what I have learned and how I plan on implementing that in to my daily routine to get the most out of life.
1. My life expectancy for was 76 years old and on http://gosset.wharton. it was 80.1 years. I will probably have to support my self for about 11-15 years if I retire at the age of 65. This is quite a lot of time to support yourself when you are not working anymore. One key thing to be able to maintain my functional and independent status as I age is going to be sure to be physically active. Taking an active part in my aging by trying to continue maintain a reasonable about of physical activity can go a long way as we age. It decreases you likeliness of disease, when done properly can improve you joints and help you maintain physical mobility, and it helps maintain your weight, which has a number of benefits as you age. They also suggested putting on sunscreen daily, taking a small dosage of aspirin daily and routinely getting check up from my doctor. Maintaining a stricter dietary plan that makes sure I get the proper amount of nutrients and am taking in a proper about of calories will also help improve my aging process.
I certainly w...

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... When death from terminal conditions is imminent despite the application of life-sustaining procedures; a condition of permanent unconsciousness; and endstage condition, which is advanced progressive and incurable. While I am not sure at this time that I would give power of attorney to it would defiantly be my brother of my significant other. If I meet any of the conditions listed in the Maryland advanced directive I would not want to keep on life support. If I would have no quality of life left I think it is best to end it there. While my opinion may change, as I get older it is certainly how I fell now. My family has always been rather open about things like this and I know my fathers wishes, I haven’t had any real trouble discussion these topics with them. I would certainly prepare a living will so that my wishes are held when I am not able to state them my self.

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