Essay on Process Modeling in System Analysis and Design

Essay on Process Modeling in System Analysis and Design

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Data modeling is used to represent the system visually. It describes how data should be used to meet certain requirements given by the user. (Ref) This helps to ensure that all the requirements of the system have been met. There are numerous types of models used for different reasons, including logical and physical models. Each type of modeling has a specific purpose and is essential to the overall project. Some modeling describes the logic of the system, while others show the flow of information through the system. The purpose of models is to help the team gather enough information about what is required of the system and design the system in a logical manner.
Logical models are used to represent the flow of information through a system. This means that it depicts visually the way data is input into the system, the process the data undergoes by the system, and what is output by the system. This is important because it helps to develop the logic of a system. The main purpose of a logical model is to show what a system must do and does not concern itself with how this will be accomplished. (Rosenblatt, 2014)
Physical data models show how the system requirements will be implemented. (Rosenblatt, 2014) Physical models show the table structures of a database including column names, data types, constraints, and relationships between data. (Mallikaarachchi) The difference between a logical and physical model is that physical models are more detailed and give more information about how the system should look in the end. Further, logical data models do not show technological choices made by the design team. It merely focuses on what is needed of the system. Physical models show the technology choices and the limitations of these choic...

... middle of paper ... a tight schedule that is not conducive for creating multiple logical and physical models.
It is important to use process modeling when developing a system in order to prevent errors in logic later on in the project. These models also help to ensure that all requirements have been met by the system and the users are satisfied with how the system is being implemented. Further, the modeling helps that the system is created in the most logical manner and will be able to be used for a long time.

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