The Process For Making Decisions Is Fair And Just Essay

The Process For Making Decisions Is Fair And Just Essay

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Fairness: (Procedural Justice):
“The process for making decisions is fair and just” (qtd. in Pantilat). Healthcare executives “avoid practicing or facilitating discrimination and institute safeguards to prevent discriminatory organizational practices. Demonstrate zero tolerance for any abuse of power that compromises patients or others served” (ACHE).
“Maintain confidentiality of medical information and respect patient autonomy” (qtd. in Pantilat). Healthcare professionals “work to ensure the existence of procedures that will safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of patients or others served” (ACHE).
Recognize the key stakeholders
The article describes the stakeholders are the healthcare administration, health workers, and the public. The HCO is concerned about the well-being of patients. However, is mandating the flu vaccination a violation of the ethical code. Per Childress et al. reviews “benefiting others, preventing and removing harms, and utility—are critical to the goal of public health while three others—justice, respect for autonomy, and privacy—are most likely to limit public health activities” (qtd. in public health reviews). In this circumstance, the public health benefits outweigh the infringement and other moral considerations. Because vaccinations are a key component they, fall within the ethical framework.
The flu vaccination follows the ethical principle to do no harm. The flu vaccination prevents the public from harm and immunity from disease. However, those that choose not to take the flu vaccination may infringe upon the ethical code to do no harm. It is not sufficient for people to decide not to get vaccinated for their own personal and moral reasons if it harms the public. In this ci...

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...f herd immunity (qtd. in, Nelson, Alvin, El Amin, MD, MPH, Parra, Michelle, T. PhD, Kim-Farley, Robert, MD, MPH, Fielding, Jonathan, E. MD, MPH 16).
In final, what is found is that some ethics conflict with others. Alternatively, some ethics take precedence over the other. Thus, healthcare professionals need to do all they can to keep all ethical principles in harmony to avoid any negative views on immunizations. The goal is address ethical concerns while fostering immunization vaccination effectiveness and acceptance. The goal is to increase non-compulsory immunizations and public awareness about vaccine preventable disease risks. For more information, the provides a rationale for mandated influenza immunizations at . The pdf file covers ethical codes of do not harm, duty to protect, HCO ethical responsibilities, patient priority and efficacy.

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