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Process Control Systems ( Pcs ) Essay

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SCADA, or often referred as Process Control Systems (PCS) is interpreted as an overall collection of control systems that measures, reports, and changes processes SCADA is the acronym of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, which is a communication technology scheme for collecting data from distant facilities and also controlling them on control systems.

In the beginning SCADA system was locally introduced, and it has been applied to larger and wide-area systems as the information technology evolves.

As SCADA system expands to wide area, it has been connected to common communication infrastructure while it was a locally independent control system network initially.

A SCADA system allows an operator to make set point changes on distant process controllers, to open or close valves or switches, to monitor alarms, and to gather measurement information from a location central to widely distributed process, such as an oil or gas field, pipeline system, or hydroelectric generating complex [1].

SCADA systems were originally local to a site to control the control system in that, and used its own network for control communication.

The utilization of Supervisory Control and Data Acqui- sition (SCADA) systems facilities the management with remote access to real-time data and the channel to issue au- tomated or operator-driven supervisory commands to remote station control devices, or field devices.

They are the under- lying control system of most critical national infrastructures including power, energy, water, transportation, telecommunication and are widely involved in the constitutions of vital enterprises such as pipelines, manufacturing plants and building climate control.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) syst...

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... [10] need to implement to protect SCADA systems are use of Administrative and Technical Controls and Defense-in-depth.

Understanding how are Internal systems connected to the rest of the SCADA Infrastructure, are External and Internal systems updated with the latest Anti-virus signatures and latest Operating systems patches and Measures to take if security is breached.

The Countermeasures i.e., Line of Defense [10] techniques suggested are Setting up Multiple VLANs for various types of traffic, Implementing Access Control Lists to dictate traffic flow and administrators suggested to use SSH(encrypted Communication) instead of Telnet for Management and Configuration of network devices.

To stop T1, we use security patterns for physical access control such as the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Pattern combined with the Authenticator Pattern and the Logger Pattern.

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