Process Capability and The Automobile Industry Essay

Process Capability and The Automobile Industry Essay

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For an organization to prosper in today’s business it must be familiar with the happenings in the world for the purpose of future improvement. This enables the organization to be aware of the developments in the fields of media, technology, economy, and political changes and therefore able to foresee the future threats and opportunities. Through understanding these factors the organization gauges itself with the current performance and plans on how to improve, the strategies to take and the type of market to target, whether local or international. The determinants of the success of an organization are the type of products and services offered and the relationship with the customers and suppliers. Coming up with a good process capability model enables the organizations to compete well in the international market and improve the organization in terms of revenue and future markets.

Process capability
Process capability is the ability of a given organization to meet its objectives, missions and visions in a strategic organized manner in order to communicate the essential information in regard to the organization to improve its performance and help it compete in the market. In addition, the process capability combines the data collected to assist in the processing of the information which helps in utilizing the available technology to create innovations. Therefore, process capability seeks to make use of the available knowledge from the members and other stakeholders in the organization in order to create innovations which improve the business outputs. From the above definition it is clear that process capability is important in an organization in that it helps in improving the performances through development of ne...

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... the organization should be different from the competitors, the organization should set the internal goals to motivate the members, always give a summary of the plans intended to improve the organization, and give the SWOT analysis of the planned project. Therefore, for the process capability to work there must be an agreement between the organization and the customer (Loon, 2007).

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