Essay The Process and Implications of the Emigration of Zimbabweans During

Essay The Process and Implications of the Emigration of Zimbabweans During

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Fleeing Zimbabwe: The Process and implications of the emigration of Zimbabweans during Zimbabwe’s post-colonial crisis
In the year 2000 Zimbabwe’s socio-economic standing crumbled due to the political decisions of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) ruled by Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe. This article examines the crisis of Zimbabwe, their trials and tribulations during the period between 2000 and 2009. As the political and economic situation worsened, a significantly increased number of Zimbabweans fled their country, emigrating to other countries such as Britain and South Africa, seeking alternative sources of income and better livelihoods. I will examine the effects that led to the crisis, now termed the ‘Zimbabwean crisis’ and continue to give an overview of the social, economic and political state of Zimbabwe during the 2000-2009 period. My aim is to further discuss the impact that these crises had on its citizens and how some of them emigrated because of these trials and tribulations in search for a better life in other states.
It is often popularly thought that the survivors of a society or a country often remain helpless during a crisis, I will argue this was not the case with a significant number of Zimbabweans who left their country to escape the poor living conditions. The implications of these emigrations are very vital to assess and discuss because they further have an impact on the socio-economic standing on the communities and the greater government of Zimbabwe itself. Here, my attempt will be discuss the roles played in attempts and successions to better the lives of communities and the country as a whole by Zimbabwe’s “global citizens” (Mbiba, 2005), those who have fled from home;...

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