Process Analysis : Drug Use Essay

Process Analysis : Drug Use Essay

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Process analysis
Drug use is a very serious issue in the college world. Many kids fall victim to drugs in high school or in the early college years due to family problems, peer pressure, and stress. Even a short term use of drugs may lead to legal issues in which the college has the right to academically suspend the student. The road back requires countless hours of rehab, reputation redemption, and a great loss of self-value. The best way to prevent drugs is attending clubs and keeping yourself busy with activities Drugs aren’t a one-time deal once you let in they will consume the world living around you. Drugs are parasites that will always live in the college world, and no one is immune; once you start a drug, you start a very long painful process back to health.
“The major causes of drug abuse are drug dependence, followed by peer group influence and stress.” (Taiwan, ”Analysis of drug abuse data reported by medical institutions in Taiwan from 2002 to 2011”) Most college students feel the need for drugs to reconcile for all of the built up stress, overwhelming amount of homework, and parental expectations. Others are forced upon drugs through negative peer pressure or a poor relationship with their family during childhood. College can bring many influences to try a drug like; parent independence, following a trend, or drugs at a party. You must discipline yourself to just say “No” as that is your greatest power. As a student you need to find alternative ways to channel your anger and stress into a positive way drugs are never the answer. I’m not saying to live in your closet I’m just saying say no at a party when you are offered ecstasy. Whatever the cause is for starting a drug there will always be consequences that you wil...

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...process. Drug prevention is best practiced at local club meetings or during meetings of support groups. I interviewed a former Angelo State University student, Skylar Richter, and he provided me with some great information. Skylar’s roommate fell victim to drugs his freshman year of college. Although the roommate had to drop out to attend rehab and support groups Skylar kept in touch. The guy returned to college Skylar’s sophomore year, I asked Skylar, for some info on his road to recovery and Skylar said, “He told me that the first twenty days were the hardest after that recovery wasn’t so bad.” (Richter, ASU) Addiction is so strong it’s best to attend some of the support groups around your area to prevent even the possibility of drug use. Drugs are always going to be a problem but as long as you know where to go to get help you can reduce the effects to a minimum.

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