Essay on Procedures And Reasons For Procedures

Essay on Procedures And Reasons For Procedures

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• Procedures and Reasons
Procedures Rationale
1. Read a book
First read a book aloud, then students in pairs take turns and practice reading aloud to one another.

• To introduce new vocabulary
• To encourage reading
• To incorporate visual, auditory and reading learning style
• To promote collaboration
2. Flashcards
Put the flashcards on the ground, lift up one and shout out the action (e.g. hop). Students hop for a few seconds, then raise another flashcard and shout out the action for everybody to do it. Practice all actions. Flashcards include vocabulary from the song and a book. • To practice new vocabulary
• To incorporate kinesthetic learning
3. Ask questions: Can you? And practice answers: I can, I can’t
Have your students sit down on the carpet. Pull out a flashcard, e.g. play the guitar, then point to yourself and say “I can play the guitar”, show the action. Pull out another flashcard and do the same. When you pull out the flashcard showing “fly” action, shake your head and say “No, I can’t fly”. Try to show the motion of falling down on the ground. Ask your students if they can fly, ask other questions including new vocabulary and have them use the expressions “Yes, I can”, or “No, I can’t” and show the motions. • To introduce and practice a question: “Can you?” and the answer “I can’t”
• To model questions and answers with modal verb “can”
4. Survey
Pair your students up and have them fill out the survey. Their task is to ask and answer questions about abilities of the learning partner and then they fill out the appropriate rubric. Model the activity before they begin the task. Walk up to each group to offer support and assess learning. (The table below includes only two words describing abilities, the original...

... middle of paper ...

...hem to say what language they can speak. When learners see their countries being mentioned and studied, they know that their culture is validated and this helps develop the pride of their heritage. Showing students the photographs help also become respectful of the multitude of cultures and people, they acquire a greater understanding of cultures and world geography.
I have decided to create a lesson teaching basic language skills and add some aspects of multicultural education. I wondered how I would be able to integrate multiculturalism when I teach basic language skills and work with students who have limited or no understanding of English. The above lesson plan is an example of how I would create learning opportunities that affirm Ell students and their cultures while teaching basic language skills and dealing with curriculum, administration and state laws.

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