The Procedure Of Medical Research Essay

The Procedure Of Medical Research Essay

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Amy, who is about 4 weeks pregnant, came in to the clinic to discuss her options for an abortion. After discussing the available options, the physician informs Amy that she needs both; an ultrasound, to determine the age of the fetus and, if there is one, listen to the fetal heartbeat. Amy declines, stating she does not want to see it. She is unable financially to have the baby and that seeing the ultrasound is not going to change her mind. Amy is then informed this is a legal requirement. The physician explains the clinic will lose their license if they do not perform the ultrasound. That unfortunately, until the ultrasound is performed and Amy views it, they can proceed no farther at this time. Physicians must comply with legal obligations that directly contradict the findings of medical research. Mandating physicians under cover of the law to specifically state what information they must communicate to patients, is ill advised and yet is frequently practiced. Wherein Nodding’s and the law have a similar viewpoint considering the informed consent laws are limited and agree that it is only the individual act that emulates ethical behavior; however, the law deviates from care when enforcing the law even at the patients expense.
The informed consent, consisting of 7 criteria, exists to provide a voluntary agreement ensuring the patient understands the procedure and consents to it. First, do no harm. Nodding’s states, “Laws, … are not, … either empty or useless; but they are limited, and they may support immoral as well as moral actions. Only the individual can be truly called to ethical behavior…” (1984). Nodding’s, although a care-giver, appeared to have made allowances for blemishes in the law and similarly to the law, holds th...

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...scientific confirmation should always be the primary consideration of both the physician who is the “one-caring” and the law. The law, having the purpose of protecting the physician and patient equally, as well as the sacred, physician-patient relationship is to be valued and, seen as meticulously diligent in its modus operandi. Passing laws that dictate any part of what transpires within the sacred confines of the physician patient relationship, which is based and built upon a high degree of trust and faith of the patient that believes the physician always has the patients best interests as primary focus, well, those laws mutilates the entire relationship. Legislatures have no business bringing their or their constituents personal, prejudicial or religious biases, opinions and fears into the medical field. After all half right added to half right still equal wrong…

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