Problems With Veteran Family Communication Essay

Problems With Veteran Family Communication Essay

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Hinojosa, R., Hinojosa, M. S., & Högnäs, R. S. (2012). Problems With Veteran–Family Communication During Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom Military Deployment. Military Medicine, 177(2), 191-197. doi:10.7205/milmed-d-10-00385
There are several problems with communication between loved ones and services members during deployments, this article (Hinojosa, Hinojosa & Hognas, 2012, p.191-197) looks at an important but far less mentioned topic, that being communication. The article points out that to understand the reintegration phase of a family one must first understand how the family interacted during the deployment. The article points out that “open and clear communication is key too positive and supportive family relationship and the families’ resilience during and post deployment.” One of the communication problems mentioned between service members and family members is limited communication brought on by operational security (OPSEC), when there is limited communication and limited information that the service member may provide to the family it can bring on more stress. Other problems can be that either the service member or spouse find it difficult to communicate through telephone calls, letters or emails because of it limits nonverbal gestures. In addition, there can be restricted access between the service member and spouse because of (OPSEC) and limited access to the service member’s daily lives. Technical problems with telephone and computer connections were also noted as a big communication problem. Translation problems (meaning that the service member had trouble communicating the challenges of daily living with the risks, stress, boredom, and emotional stress). Service members also noted through their ...

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...ldren between the ages of 2-5 years. These materials proved to help more caregivers and children better prepare and more knowledgeable about deployments. Caregivers that were given both multimedia tools reported to have watched the DVDs at least once, and discussed the DVD’s with the children. The study further showed that the materials helped decrease children’s aggressive behavior and helped caregivers cope better. Finally, the researchers discussed the limitations those being parents thinking that they can cope with deployments and stresses without help, the inaccessibility of service to geographic location, scheduling inflexibly, cost, time, transportation and the stigma that comes from getting help. This makes the multi-media materials more accessible and acceptable to caregivers because they can use them in their own homes on their own schedule.

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