Problems With the Mexican Health System Essay examples

Problems With the Mexican Health System Essay examples

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According to Mexican citizens, the health care system needs further reform to improve the efficiency, availability, and quality of medical services provided to the uninsured. A major source of inconvenience in medical provision is the long wait for treatment. Patients with scheduled appointments, as well as those in emergency situations often have to wait hours for care, and it is an accepted fact for those with Popular Health Insurance that a medical consultation in a hospital would likely engage the entire day.Additionally, both Ordoñez Ramírez and Mercadao Juárez agree that subsequent reforms must be made to change the focus of medical treatment towards serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as they are prevalent in Mexican society and especially in women and children, and IRC (chronic renal failure), which cause high hospitalization and mortality rates throughout Mexico.

"Reajustar el listado de enfermedades (CAUSES) y/o padecimientos que cubre el seguro popular ya que muchos de ellos no se encuentran bien distribuidos a fin de cubrir la mayoría de las necesidades de la población más necesitada, un ejemplo de ello sería CHAN (cirrosis hepática alcohólico nutricional) que es una de las enfermedades en el listado omitiendo por ejemplo IRC (insuficiencia renal crónica) que es uno de los padecimientos que tiene un alto índice de hospitalizaciones o mortalidad en la población mexicana."

As firmly stated by Ordoñez Ramírez, reevaluation of the list of diseases covered by the Popular Insurance Program is a crucial step towards not only helping relieve poverty and exorbitant prices for medical treatment, but decreasing the death toll due to inaccessible or inadequate medical treatment. However, in conjunction to re...

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Mexico. February 24, 2014.
(Ordoñez Ramírez is a doctor, and the wife of a doctor as well.)

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*Whyte, Sheila. Sheila Whyte to CBC News newsgroup, "How Mexico's Health System
Works," May 4, 2009. Accessed January 30, 2014.

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