Problems with Ethiopia’s Unofficial Cyber Espionage Essay

Problems with Ethiopia’s Unofficial Cyber Espionage Essay

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Ethiopia is in a region that is dependent on U.S. and European Union Humanitarian Aid. Since 2009, Ethiopia advanced in cyber espionage against its citizen’s. Innocent journalist from local and from other countries are being tortured, killed and imprisoned for speaking their opinions to the world. Ethiopia’s unofficial cyber espionage program targets innocent journalists and violates the United Nations-The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Article 19 Freedom of Expression.
The purpose of this paper will address problems with Ethiopia’s unofficial cyber espionage and evaluate the effects this has on journalist Article 19 freedom of expression is violated. Ethiopia’s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation are explained along with The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which includes Article 19 and how both are used in journalism. The Ethiopian Constitution will show that the culture of the people understands freedom of speech. The constitution also shows that the Ethiopian regime is violating its own agreement with the people. Main points will be supported by examples of Ethiopian regime supported journalism and journalists who are in jail for speaking out against the regime. The assumptions are that the U.S. and U.N. allow the Ethiopian regime to conduct an unofficial cyber espionage program. Another assumption is that China is directly supporting the unofficial cyber espionage program with aid.
The people of Ethiopia are under the impression that if they live their lives in a lawful manner they have nothing to worry about. The constitution affords them the rights to privacy and their own thoughts. This is not the case for journalist or bloggers who have a dissident view of the regime in Ethiopia. The...

... middle of paper ...

...ia, 2014) Arrested and tortured journalists or bloggers in Ethiopia are not new; these nine represent only a fraction. More than eight convicted journalists have up to life sentences, since 2012.
**Swedish** This is something that affects journalist that are from the country; who are from other countries visiting; or from Ethiopia and living in the United States. The far reaching duct tape of the Ethiopian Government makes some wonder what they are hiding. There are acts of
Espionage in Ethiopia fuels suspicion of what they are hiding.

***“Journalism is way to provide oversight for the people of any country in keeping the government organization in line. Without investigative journalism the government can hide anything from corruption to terrorism. The use of the term Anti-Terrorism would be a clever ploy to hide illegal actions on the government’s part.

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