The Problems Of The Baltimore City Police Essay

The Problems Of The Baltimore City Police Essay

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The Baltimore City police have faced a myriad of problems in the last year. The riots following the Freddie Gray arrest were reported around the country and created a situation where the Governor was forced to call in the National Guard to protect the city. Community leaders report that African American’s are stopped, searched and arrested at a far greater number than Caucasian’s. The Baltimore city police are at an impasse with the community at this time, it is up to the city leaders and the police officials to come up with some real solutions to the issues that can no longer be ignored.
[There have been strained relations for many years however, the recent riots seem to be a result of years of citizens feeling that the police in Baltimore City target the black community unfairly. While progress has been made to improve the department 's relationship with Baltimore 's now majority African American community, improvements are still being made to the department which for several years has been subject to criticism for its treatment of African American citizens. Police community relations have remained strained with the war on drugs that has plagued several African American neighborhoods in East and West Baltimore and coincidentally enough, many of the most despised officers in several of Baltimore 's African American neighborhoods are also African American.
[Freddie Gray was arrested and suffered such trauma during his arrest that he died from his injuries. There are six officers charged with crimes in relation to Mr. Gray’s death, one officer is charged with murder. The relationship between city residents and the police in Baltimore are at an all-time low. Last year the police Commissioner Anthony Batts requested the Justice De...

... middle of paper ... interaction with citizens less violent.
[There are so many factors that go into the ethnic issues around policing and they have been studied by sociologist, psychologist, and criminal justice professionals. The unfortunate fact is that there has not been any permanent solution to ethnicity and police problems. There are theories of “working personality” that state that officers develop a way of perceiving the world around them and that they use race as well as other factors to determine a threat (Rice, 2010). There are also ideas about the ethnic disparity developing from the history of how law enforcement has developed in this country. For as many people that discuss the problem there
are that many opinions on the problem. The one constant is that there are still issues and the history of this problem is filled with violence that may continue without resolution.

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