The Problems Of Philosophy By Bertrand Russell Essays

The Problems Of Philosophy By Bertrand Russell Essays

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The word “philosophy” comes from the Ancient Greek word “philosophia”, which means “love of wisdom.” In history, there were thousands and hundreds of philosophers in the world, such as John Locke, George Berkeley. etc. However, why do those people to learn philosophy? Is it worth our time to study it and why? A philosopher named Bertrand Russell shows his answers in chapter XV of his book “The Problems of Philosophy”. He states that philosophy is worth to spend our time to learn it because philosophy can help people learn new knowledge, find new sciences, frees people’s mind and give them pleasure, affect how people think and react what happen to them.
People can get new knowledge from philosophy. Like Bertrand says, “Philosophy like all other studies, aims primarily at knowledge. The knowledge is aims at…and the kind which result from a critical examination of the grounds of our conviction, prejudices, and beliefs.” It means that while people are criticizing their familiar things like prejudices or their beliefs, they would have a new understanding of that how to view their world. If a man starts to think why a familiar thing always happens or exists, he will want to find answers. In seeking for answers, he will learn new knowledge. Philosophy makes people to think, to question themselves. For example, after an apple fell down on Isaac Newton’s head, what he did was not pick up the apple and ate it like a normal person do. What he did was questioning himself why apple fell down, what caused it or why he did not notice the phenomena before. As a philosopher, he thinks a lot and question a lot.
Philosophy helps people find new sciences. Bertrand says that those sciences were different groups of questions wit...

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...e movement highly improved people’s civilization. After those, people do what human should do. Situation about prejudice decreases and people treat others more equally. Rich people or volunteers try to help some who really need help, like donating cloth or foods, or funding scientists to find cure against lethal diseases.
In conclusion, philosophy is a useful study which does worth people spend time to learn. While studying philosophy, people gain new knowledge, seek and build new sciences, free their own mind is prisoned by habits and prejudices and change their action, emotion and soul. Nowadays, human has satisfied their material needs, their mind should be fed “spiritual food”, philosophy, to improve themselves to get rid of shackles of prejudices. If all human study philosophy, the world will become peaceful and filled with wise helpers who own great goodness.

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