Essay about Problems in Early America and the Articles of Confederation

Essay about Problems in Early America and the Articles of Confederation

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“No morn ever dawned more favourably than ours did; and no day was ever more clouded than the present!” This quote portrays how George Washington feels about America in 1786. After the American Revolution, the states create an alliance calling it the Articles of Confederation (AOC). This document is the only form of government the states have. Due to their fear for tyrannies, the AOC doesn’t allow the Congress to have the power to collect taxes or debts, make tariffs, and draft an army. Therefore, Congress has too little power to solve their economic problems, trade problems, and defense problems.

After the American Revolution, there are many economic problems. To begin with, there are the war debts. The Congress owns France money. Simultaneously, the states own Congress. Congress needs the money from states to pay France back. However, the states don’t have enough money to pay Congress. Since everyone in the United States spends all their time fighting in the war, nobody farms or trades. Thus, there is a two year depression in the United States after the war. To solve this problem, Congress prints more paper money causing inflation. Inflation is when everyone has so much money that the money becomes worthless, and then price rises. This war creates many economic problems in the United States.
The Congress is not able to solve these economic problems in America due to The Articles of Confederation. First, Congress does not have the power to collect tax or to collect state debts. This made it hard for Congress to get money from the states to pay France. Second, any changes to the amendments to the Articles must be approved by all thirteen states. This makes changing an amendment nearly impossible, unless the change benefits e...

... middle of paper ..., Congress can only ask for volunteers, but states are reluctant to send them. If Congress had the power to compel an army, then they wouldn’t have to worry about France, Spain, or the Indians attacking America. In addition, Congress can use the military to force down the brawls between states. Another problem is not having the power to create a national court system. If Congress has the power to form a national court, then Congress can settle the disputes between states. Thus, they won’t fight among themselves and weaken America’s defenses. The Articles of Confederation obstructs Congress from solving these defense problems in America.

After the American Revolution, the United States is experiencing economic problems, trade problems, and defense problems. Congress can’t solve these three problems due to the limited power from the Articles of Confederation.

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