Essay about The Problems Facing Somalia Of Somalia

Essay about The Problems Facing Somalia Of Somalia

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There has been much written about the problems facing Somalia. Most sources point to three different areas of analysis. The most referenced source is the prevalence of clansmen-ship in Somalia. Second, many sources also describe how the lack of a central government has prevented the citizens from breaking out of their cycles of aggression. Lastly, sources also explain how interference from international actors have prevented development within the state.
The first issue it list is the prevalence of clan allegiance over allegiance to the government. Many authors state that because there is no national government that can command the allegiance of its citizens, the people of Somalia have looked to clans as a form of government. The history of clansmen-ship in Somalia stretches back farther than the history of the state does and many clans view their clan identity more important than their national identity. (World Bank, 2005) This focus on clan life because of a lack of government makes the populations of Somalia vulnerable to manipulation. Charismatic rulers use these clan identities to further their own objectives rather than help the country unify. The World Bank states that,
“Warlords and divisive leaders emphasize differences among clans and formulate demands that play on those differences. Warlords are instrumental in invoking loyalty to raise or lower the level of identity from clan to subclan and sub-subclan and back again depending on what is most convenient. Different clan identities are used as a tool to mobilize clan members when in conflict, and cleavages are drawn upon to wage war. In this way, clan and subclan differences can be a force for division and fragmentation, particularly when manipulated for politic...

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... clans create a self-reinforcing environment. Once the idea of clans has been adopted in an area it is very difficult to end without serious intervention. “As regime durability becomes uncertain, clans strip assets faster, and the regime and state become weaker still.” (Collins Kathleen. 2004) This means that as state resources are sucked away by clans the states themselves become weaker. As states become weaker it is easier and more necessary for politicians to siphon even more resources away from the state. This only serves to only further weaken the state. This cycle can be solved by wealthy state sponsors who are willing to refill the coffers of the state so it can continue to provide the services that its citizens need. This is one of the few ways to effectively end the cycle of clan dominance in areas where clans are already entrenched. (Collins Kathleen. 2004)

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