Essay on The Problems Brought by Overpopulation

Essay on The Problems Brought by Overpopulation

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Have you begun to notice the longer lines at Starbucks, the increase traffic on the freeway, gas stations fuller and the market parking lots increasingly crowded? This is all due to the overpopulation we are facing in the world. Overpopulation is caused by increase in births and a decrease in deaths; people are living longer and having much more children then expected. In return, we began to become overpopulated. According to the United States Census Bureau every eight seconds a birth occurs and every thirteen seconds a death occurs. Which shows how more people are being born at a faster rate, then the rate for death to occur. In a news release from the United States Census Bureau, they have said that seniors, sixty-five years old and over, are going to reach at least eighty-three point seven million in 2050, which is more the double the amount in 2012, which was forty-three point one million. But, is all of this information about overpopulation, really a problem to the world today?
Many would argue, yes it is. With overpopulation comes: the exceeding amounts of new cars on the freeways, more food being bought, increase oil use, etc. Which in return has an affect on our air quality, on our supply of food and energy, and affects our oil and gas usage; which many have projected will one day run out. All of these make overpopulation a key problem because they all have the potential to run out and also put harm onto the environment.
The environment is threated because of the overuse of its resources and by the pollution caused by humans. The more people in the world, increases the damage done to the environment. Studies have shown that due to the improper use of our environment, the average temperature in the U...

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... sources of energy. Seeking out renewable energy sources, will help decrease the impact overpopulation is projected to have in the future on our environment. It will decrease air pollution; it will also prevent levels of nitrogen and carbon dioxide from increasing in years to come. It will also be able to elongate the life of both oil and gas.
Clearly, as of now, there is no precise solution to overpopulation that is being implemented; but there are things being done slowly to halt overpopulation: such as the use of eco-friendly cars, and the hundreds of scholarly articles, websites, and books, addressing overpopulation. All that is needed next, is to get the world educated on this issue, to read the articles and websites and books, and become aware of overpopulation. Overpopulation is a key problem in the world today, and it should not be overlooked any longer.

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Essay on The Problems Brought by Overpopulation

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