Problems Associated with Childhood Obesity Essay

Problems Associated with Childhood Obesity Essay

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Seeing an overweight child eating ice cream instead of celery has become common. Children no longer want to play inside. Instead they want to play new recent video games and watch television, which leads to them becoming obese. There are numerous definitions of obesity. According to CDC, “obesity is the result of caloric imbalance,” this means not enough calories burned for the amount of calories being consumed. Obesity is on the rise amongst children in America, now affecting 17% of children and adolescents.
Children dream of becoming lawyers, police officers, teacher, not of being diagnosed with health problems from being obese for their age. Not too long ago I saw a mother and her daughter who looked about 7 arguing over McDonald’s food. The little girl wanted McDonalds, but the mother said they were already going to go out to eat somewhere else later. In result to the daughter’s temper tantrum, the mother bought her daughter McDonald’s anyways. Children with a body mass index (BMI) at or above 30 are considered obese. For example, a ten year old female child would be considered obese if she was five feet tall and weight one hundred seventy pounds. Her BMI would be 33.2, which would put her in the 95th percentile. It is not healthy for young children to weigh more than they are supposed to for their age and height. Childhood obesity is an epidemic that has been taken lightly for quite a while.
The risk of obesity falls between genetics and environment. Certain genetic factors along with lifestyle and different cultures influence a child’s health. Some of my relatives cook food such as fried chicken, cornbread, yams, and potatoes. Those foods would give a person a heart attack if ate too frequently. Heritability for BMI is 550...

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... from obesity would have a higher risk of being hospitalized. Medical costs for a child diagnosed with obesity are on average three time higher than those who are not overweight or obese. If the government forced better eating choices at school by taking out the vending machines and replaced the bad food with good food, children would adapt and make healthier choices. It is not an excuse to say because children would not like it, it should not be an option.
In conclusion, childhood obesity is one of the most ignored problems in the U.S. The number of overweight children and adolescents in America has doubled in the last decade. Parents assume their children would lose the weight as they grow up, but it is important to keep children healthy from the beginning. Prevention is the key to getting rid of obesity. A healthy lifestyle is what can stop the obesity epidemic.

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