Problems And Problems Of The American Red Cross Essay

Problems And Problems Of The American Red Cross Essay

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Problems and issues in ethical culuture, the American red cross has come to this stage
Now we will try to focus on the major reasons and possibilities for future corrections to take the organisation on a solid platform and improve its image. one of the conceivable issue in the moral culture of the American red cross that makes issues is mainly on the account of the organisation being a charitable association. Its senior managers have imagined that all employees, representatives and volunteers will behave ethically. They did not consider the fact that many times, the American Red Cross has proved to be a failure in the times of crisis. The ethical health of the organisation is also declining which needs to be treated immediately. Others are lack of good ethical attributes in leaders because any organisation can stand strong and solid as the individual who is directing it. The volunteers and the employees cannot be blamed for cheating, bribing and stealing Red Cross’s money, when the top management has been traced stealing. These management people have also taken benefit from an absence of straightforwardness about how they have used the organisation’s money. Furthermore, problems related to the ethical culture of the American Red Cross lack of moral standards, no humanitarian principles and disloyalty towards the organisation. For an association like the American Red Cross, which is expected to support the natural calamity relief, the Arc went forward to money related cheating behaviours. The hierarchical structure of the American Red Cross should be taught the moral responsibilities and ethical expectations of the society. Till this is not done, matters will keep coming up and ARC will be found nowhere. It should be a mandatory ...

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...d the platform for American Red Cross to stand on. American shoud rearrange operational plans to react to the debacles and must delegate responisbilites in a manner that pople are held answerable, open to contious improvement and development. To put it in simple words, the american red cross needs a senior management commitment to stand on its character requirements in an effective manner. The workers and staff need to operate in the direction of experienced managers. Also the improvement measures should start form the top and then flow downwards. Stakeholder such as the directors, volunteers, society, donors and the government agencies should have a tranparent access to the first hand data of the organisation. Certainly, changes in the administraiton will take a long time to accomplish its goals and it will be voyage over quite a while. (, 2016)

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