The Problem With Arguments Against Gm Crops Essays

The Problem With Arguments Against Gm Crops Essays

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As the world population expands, so does the amount of food needed to sustain it. Some scientists believe that the best solution to this looming problem is the use of genetically modified organisms that are better equipped to grow is less optimum environmental conditions. Global cooperation in the development of GMOs has been halted due to strong opposition by Western European nations and NGOs. Many of the strongest opponents of GMOs come from countries that do not require the aid of GMOs to sustain its population and pass judgments that will affect those countries that desperately need GMOs. This led to the development of the research question: What is the reasoning behind the actions taken by NGOs regarding GMO usage in less-developed nations and are their actions ethical?
According to Karembu, the three major problems that plague the global community are: poverty, hunger, and environmental sustainability. Karembu has a doctorate in Environmental Science Education and focuses her research upon African nations. Her article titled “The Problem with Arguments Against GM Crops”, published in a scholarly journal in 2014, provides evidence in the form of scientific and governmental research to show that GM crops are allowing for progress in these major problem areas. The article provides some background information on the politics of GMO focused organizations. In her studies, Karembu observed that “90% of the farmers who grew biotech crops in 2013 were small-scale resource-poor farmers in developing countries” (Karembu, 2014). For this reason she assumes that these farmers would be most impacted by the introduction of genetically modified crops. The low potential profit to be made off of developing country farmers is used to explain w...

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...stions posed in the other sources. Each source went through a detailed inspection that examined everything from treatment of the opposition to the author’s credentials when determining whether it would be used in the final draft. The conversation between all of the sources allows for varied perspectives on what the role of NGOs and Western European countries have upon the decisions regarding GMOs of less-developed countries. Not only do the sources strive to answer the posed research question, they also examine the context in which the influence of NGOs and the European Union was permitted to affect the African countries so greatly. Through the complete research of the question, I hope to come to a greater and more truthful understanding of how powerful countries have such a high degree of control over less powerful countries and if that degree of control is ethical.

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