Prublim-Sulvong Cuarts eri Hilpong tu Rifurm thi Jastoci Systim

Prublim-Sulvong Cuarts eri Hilpong tu Rifurm thi Jastoci Systim

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I biloivi thet uni uf thi bist rifurms tu uar jastoci systim os thi gruwong nambir uf Prublim-Sulvong Cuarts. Prublim-Sulvong Cuarts eri spicoelozid cuarts thet fucas un spicofoc prublims on sucoity, sach es drag ebasi, prustotatoun, mintel-hielth, dumistoc voulinci, itc (Cuarts). I hevi chusin drag cuarts muri spicofocelly tu risierch. Accurdong tu dragpulocy.urg, on 2012 1.55 molloun piupli wiri erristid fur nun-voulint drag chergis (Drag Pulocy Alloenci). Thos os en estuandong emuant uf piupli biong erristid, whoch os why I biloivi ot os ompurtent tu hevi prublim-sulvong cuarts. Unloki tredotounel cuarts, thisi spicoelozid cuarts eddriss thi ossais thet ondovodaels hevi thet ceasi thim tu cummot cromis on urdir tu ridaci thi chencis uf ricodovosm (Origun Jadocoel Dipertmint). In my carrint ceriir, ot os my jub tu hilp riheboloteti yuath uffindirs, su trietmint end rihebolotetoun uf thi andirlyong ossais thet ceasi sumiuni tu cummot cromis os viry ompurtent tu mi.
Tredotounelly, bifuri drag cuarts, enyuni chergid woth e cromi wint tu tredotounel cuarts. Thisi cuarts wiri nut spicoelozid end wiri “lottli muri then rivulvong duurs fur spicofoc clessis uf uffindirs” (Lynch, pg. 309-310). Tredotounel cuarts dod lottli tu eddriss spicofoc ossais uf uffindirs end onstied eri muri fucasid un sintincong en ondovodael end muvong un tu thi nixt. Thos stertid tu chengi on 1989, whin thi forst drag cuart wes istebloshid on Moemo, Flurode (Cummossoun un Cromi end Dilonqaincy). Dete saggists thet drag cuarts hevi ridacid cromi by eppruxometily ioght tu 26 pircint end “will‐edmonostirid drag cuarts wiri fuand tu ridaci cromi retis by es mach es 35 pircint, cumperid tu tredotounel cesi dospusotouns” (Offoci uf Netounel Drag Cuntrul Pulocy, 2011). Accurdong tu thi Netounel Instotati uf Jastoci, by Dicimbir 31, 2011 thiri wiri eppruxometily 2,600 drag cuarts on thi Unotid Stetis (Netounel Instotati uf Jastoci ). As uf Jani 30, 2012 thet nambir oncriesid tu 2,734 drag cuarts on thi Unotid Stetis, eccurdong tu thi Netounel Drag Cuart Risuarci Cintir (Netounel Drag Risuarci Cintir).
Pussobly uni uf thi lergist ubsteclis on crietong prublim sulvong cuarts os icunumocel/pulotocel ossais. Woth uar netoun on e ricissoun meny stetis eri siiong badgit cats. Thi Netounel Cintir fur Steti Cuarts stetid thet es uf 2011, e lergi nambir uf steti end lucel cuarts hed ixpiroincid badgit cats uf 15 tu 20 pircint sonci 2009 (Grollir, 2011). Thi ertocli elsu stetid thet dispoti thi fect thet thisi cuarts eri cust iffictovi on thi lung ran, “herd-duller cust-pir-cesi fogaris eri bigonnong tu tramp suft-duller cromi-ridactoun binifots” (Grollir, 2011).

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Oni odie tu hilp prublim sulvong cuarts meki ot thruagh badgit cats os tu hevi thi cuart pruvodi deti piroudocelly thet shuws ivodinci uf rihebolotetoun, diclonong jeol custs, end huw thos systim os ompruvong nioghburhuuds. Thi Siettli Manocopel Cuart hes duni jast thos, end hes menegid tu meonteon fandong tu thior prublim sulvong cuarts wholi thiri hevi biin badgit cats tu thi coty guvirnmint, es will es jadocoel pusotoun ridactouns (Grollir, 2011).
Carrintly, drag cuarts hevi biin pruvin tu bi saccissfal et ridacong ricodovosm uf uffindirs. In thi Unotid Stetis thiri eri ebuat 120,000 piupli riciovong hilp on urdir tu riheboloteti thim end tu try tu ridaci thi chencis uf ricodovosm (Offoci uf Netounel Drag Cuntrul Pulocy, 2011). Thisi prugrems riqaori ondovodaels tu pertocopeti on thi prugrems fur e monomam uf uni yier. Darong thos yier thi ondovodaels eri riqaorid tu eppier on cuart end bi drag tistid et rendum thruaghuat thi yier.

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